Building ONE operates with the philosophy that many building problems can be anticipated and prevented. Building ONE strives to provide in-depth, accurate, and timely information to help clients evaluate and minimize risk.



Building ONE’s approach to projects is highly preventive in its nature:


  • Recognize problems early in the design and construction process.


  • Advocating the use of alternative materials, assemblies, and processes that minimize exposure to long-term risk.


  • Identify and recommend solutions to ensure the project team is accountable during construction


Assess risk vs reward and maintain  responsibility of all parties involved:
  • Building ONE understands the need to assess construction/ownership risk versus reward and to maintain the responsibility of all parties involved in the design and construction processes. 


  • Our approach to every project is unique and includes collaboration with all members of the project team to produce a successful product for all involved.



Building ONE will minimize risk and keep the project moving:


  • Building ONE identifies problems early in the planning and design stages. After a detailed review of the project documents, including drawings, specifications, contracts, and budgets, Building ONE provides recommendations to help evaluate construction materials, processes, and building assemblies. Building ONE can help the design team identify value engineering opportunities, include more sustainable building features, and help reduce long-term ownership cost.


  • During construction, Building ONE helps the client understand new issues as they arise, discusses risk mitigation strategies, and presents options that make sense to the client and are consistent with their financial objectives.