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Kevin Harkins

In his free time, Kevin still believes that he is a contender for the Tour de France and tries to ignore the other cyclists passing him while he's out riding.  He claims to have invented the "salad by the pound" concept with his roommate in 1991 while at college but has yet to receive any royalty payments.  Kevin is a true believer in anything worthwhile and meaningful.  He likes skiing (especially afterward) and is surprisingly artistic - both with the brush and the bass guitar. 

Nancy Meister

Nancy and her husband love international and stateside travel.  Recent travels include a trip to Sorrento, Florence and Rome and exploring Colorado and the surrounding states in their RV.  One of her most satisfying endeavors is enjoying life in their mountain home in Evergreen, CO.

Jose Torres


Outside the office, Jose enjoys sports activities such as running, swimming, biking, tennis, and soccer. He participates in marathons and long distance triathlon competitions. He also likes traveling around the world with his wife, especially visiting exotic destinations.

Rocio Sosa

Rocio loves to hike, camp, and hang out with Mother Nature when the weather is nice. In the winter, she becomes a hermit crab. She also enjoys spending time with her family and traveling with friends.

Go-cart racing

Chad Stinnett


In his free time, Chad is a juggler (of kid’s activities).  He is an accomplished runner (when chasing a five-year old) and has recently had a lot of activity with his moonlighting job (the tooth fairy).  When not busy with kid’s activities (rare), Chad enjoys house projects, camping, running, and mostly all outside activities.  Chad’s wife sees him as the greatest handyman in the world (we can all dream) and his kids claim he can fix anything.  His most cherished time is spent in the garden with his two daughters.

Carlena Martinez

During her free time, you can find Carlena out enjoying the robust Denver arts and foodie lifestyle. She has many hobbies which include scavenging for treasures at yard sales, cooking, crafting and has recently took up silversmithing.  

Kevin Grace

Kevin enjoys getting outside and being as active as possible. He loves getting lost in the mountains, standing on top of tall rocks, and diving head first into snow banks. You can also find him playing volleyball in Washington Park throughout the summer acting like he is 22 years old again. One of his favorite things to in Denver is biking around downtown at night and enjoying the buzz of the city.

Kevin Wiegand

When Kevin is not working, he likes to spend his time in the mountains with his wife and son. He likes to snowboard and snow shoe in the winter and camp, hike, bike, fly fish and raft the remainder of the year. When he can't be in the mountains he loves to cook, work in his wood shop, watch old movies and collect cocktail shakers.  He is very active in his Park Hill neighborhood in Denver. He donates his time to many non for profit organizations and sits on several neighborhood boards.

Sarah Roane

Sarah spent the first part of her life in Boulder and the next part in the Bay Area of California before returning to Colorado to friends and the mountains. She loves just being outdoors hiking, golfing, cross-country skiing, and considers climbing both Snowmass and Aspen Mountains a great way to spend a weekend. Aside from enjoying food and wine with good conversation, Sarah is fond of the opera, horses, and fast cars. 

Renate Doerry

They say that gravity is harsh, but fair. Renate likes to test this regularly with a mix of pursuits including mountain biking, tennis, ballet, surfing, skiing, traveling with family, and flopping on the couch.

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