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Todd Wyatt, AIA

Project Manager


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A Bit About Todd

Todd is a licensed Architect since 2003 (Colorado) and has been a Project Architect (PA), Project Manager (PM), Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) twice, an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), a Code Specialist, a Life Safety Surveyor, and an Architectural Department Head (ADH) during his +30-year career.


Todd began his career as a PA/PM for several health care projects in WY, CO, and NE. His interest in developing production standards (e.g., standard casework details) in ad hoc groups at Architectural firms evolved into his first Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) role. In this first QAM role, he developed standardized tags, schedules and nomenclature for CAD and Revit content for the (5) design studios. He developed a firm-wide professional development program for the +100 technical staff. He also reviewed deliverables of (25) projects during SD, DD, and CD phases.


Todd worked at the Wyoming Dept of Health as the Chief of Life Safety & Construction of the Life Safety & Construction Branch of Healthcare Licensing & Surveys. He directed the state program for healthcare construction plan reviews and inspections. During his tenure, the branch reviewed +325 projects ensuring compliance with federal & state codes. As a Life Safety Surveyor, Todd surveyed (81) state licensed & federally certified healthcare facilities for compliance.


As one of two in-house Code Specialists at an Architecture firm (400 staff in (9) US offices), Todd was responsible for Code reviews, research, and interpretations. He reviewed +275 projects for Code compliance. He also developed and presented (38) Code presentations to the technical staff.


Most recently, Todd was the Architectural Department Head (ADH) of 10-15 Architects with 5-7 Direct Reports at an A/E firm. At this same A/E firm, he then served as the Quality Assurance Manager (QAM) reviewing +50 VA Projects at SD/DD/CD phases to ensure coordinated Construction Documents complied to the Project requirements. He helped develop, manage, and maintain the A/E firm's design standards and guidelines.  Todd also served as the Code Compliance Leader (CCL) and developed Fire and Life Safety Plans (FLSP) for +30 VA Projects.


Todd graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture & a Master’s in Architecture.

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