Construction Consulting


Building construction is a complex process and involves collaboration among many disciplines—designers, contractors, project managers, lenders, and owners. The process of construction can lead to building problems. The key is early identification and swift action to resolve those problems before they become liabilities. To help reduce liabilities and minimize risk, Building One identifies problems throughout construction.


During construction, Building ONE helps the client understand new issues as they arise, discusses risk mitigation strategies, and presents options that make sense to the client and are consistent with their financial objectives.


We offer:

  • Construction period site observations

    • General

    • Accessibility

    • Waterproofing

  • On-Site Representation

  • Window performance testing

  • Construction troubleshooting

  • Assistance with affordable housing tax credits project



Accessibility Consulting

One of Building ONE’s unique areas of expertise is the evaluation of projects for compliance with federal, state, and local accessibility laws and standards. 

Building ONE’s principal has been utilized as an expert to help property owners negotiate settlement agreements with federal agencies regarding accessibility issues.  Clients will understand their risk exposure when a compliance review is completed or they can use it as a negotiating tool during due diligence.  After a property is acquired, Building ONE can help owners implement modifications to bring a property into compliance.  Building ONE also provides training to design and construction professionals to help them understand how to create compliant designs and how to keep those designs compliant when they are being constructed.




Due-Diligence Consulting

Building ONE provides property condition assessments to institutional investors, investment advisors, lenders, and equity owners.


Reviews typically include an evaluation of the site, exterior building systems, mechanical, electrical and plumbing components, vertical transportation, building interiors, as well as accessibility, code, and zoning conformance.


A deferred maintenance and future capital expenditure program is developed that allows the evaluation of investment risk while understanding the physical needs of the property.


Owner's Representative

Building ONE provides a role not typically provided by contractors, design professionals, building officials, or others involved in design and construction — representation of the property owner.


  • Our team is comprised of registered architects and construction consultants who have represented property owners in the design and construction industry for over a combined 50 years.

  • Each team member excels in the project management role as well as the technical role necessary for a project to be well-built, on schedule, and within budget while minimizing risk to the ownership.

  • Building ONE’s keen ability to anticipate problems early in the process, make thoughtful recommendations, work for effective solutions, and follow through on implementation are the foundation of everything we do throughout the entire project life-cycle.

Building ONE’s services include the following and vary according to each project’s specific needs:

  • Determine and facilitate overall project goals.

  • Review existing project conditions and create construction/rehabilitation scope of work.

  • Preparation and review of bid documents from vendors and contractors.

  • Attend meetings with owners, contractors, investors, and other project team members.

  • Construction Document review.

  • Review and evaluate construction costs, construction schedule, contracts, and change orders.

  • Schedule and coordinate site observations with tenants, owners, and/ or property managers.

  • Observe, evaluate, and document the progress of the work to ensure compliance with project requirements.

  • Review all payment requests.

  • Prepare a final report, summarizing conformance of work to plans, specifications, and contract documents.



Pre-Construction and Construction Peer Review 


Complex projects can benefit greatly from an independent peer review process. Building ONE’s expertise will help recognize potential problem areas buried in the design documents as well as during construction. To help reduce liabilities and minimize risk, Building One identifies problems early in the planning and design stages and throughout the construction process.


We offer:

  • Detailed drawing and specification review

  • Code compliance review

  • Shop drawing review

  • Construction and design contracts review

  • Construction cost analysis

  • Budget and schedule review

  • Construction draw and change order review

  • Value engineering analysis

  • Provide recommendations to help the client and the design team evaluate alternate construction materials, processes, and building assemblies